Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"God hates Goths" and the Reverend RG Green

Recently, my friend Cameron, showed me a post made on this website called "God Hates Goths."

All I can say is just... wow. I have never seen a concentration of hate so large on the internet before. And I posted on the Newgrounds forums pretty regularly for about two years.

In any case, the site is run by a man named RG Green who is extremely conservative. So far to the right that he makes reactionaries look mild.

I shall give you a quote from his site, a letter written to gothic individuals.

"So let's be straight here. Goths are the lowest form of human trash that has ever crawled upon this good clean earth. 'Garbage people' I call them, and I can assure you that is what they are. Freaks who worship the Devil, who take drugs and molest children, who have pre-marrital sex, who whore themselves, who are obsessed with Vampirism, and abuse handicapped kids, who promote cross-dressing and underaged homosexuality, who behave like wild violent animals that need to be put down, who cut themselves and try to get others to self harm, degrade themselves and attempt suicide and think it is acceptable behaviour. I rate them as detestable as those worthless cerebal palsy retarded creatures they plant at the entrance to Walmart, to welcome shoppers.
"Duuu... welllcuummm... too... wullmart... Duuuuu...".
Because let's face facts here, they are equally as pathetic and repulsive." (God Hates Goths).


He also goes on to say that people with mental retardation are dæmon spawn. claims that science is a lie. and that The Earth is flat.

Really? The Catholic church has even admitted that the Earth was round. mind you this wasn't until 1992, but they came around eventually. (Outside the box).

In short, This RG Green is a hate monger. This is what we do not want to be. He states that he is trying to educate, not insult. Wonderful I want to learn from someone who thinks that mentally retarded people are dæmons, and that women are inferior and 99.9999 per cent of them are going to hell. (God Hates Goths)



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